Black Girl Beat: Issue 1

I say I love reading, but I never really get the chance to do it. I’m either at work or at home trying to recover from work, so I usually let things I like slide. But recently I’ve been thinking about how accessible the Internet is, and how it gives me the opportunity to continue doing something I love. Even when I’m at work, or chilling at home, I can open Twitter or Tumblr and get bite-sized bits of content. And there’s so much content out there that’s so easily consumed now, but sometimes it can easily get overwhelming. That’s why I wanted to start Black Girl Beat. Each week, I will compile a list of articles from various sources that I think are worth reading; things that cater to us. Topics will largely include race in the media, current events, pop culture; anything and everything that will keep you up to date. I want to share articles and bits of information that inform you and uplift you. This blog is for you, Black Girl.

Photo: Lucasfilm, Marvel, Paramount Pictures

Why Won’t Hollywood Let Us See Black Actors by Kyle Buchanan via

Buchanan poses a question that’s been on my mind for a while; why are Black actors subjugated to non-human roles? Is it a deeper issue of questioning our humanness as Black people or is this sheer coincidence? The answer may not be that malicious or that coincidental, but lie somewhere between the two. But one thing’s for sure, there was no reason for Tiana to be a frog for 95% of the movie.
5 minute read



How Our Country Fails Black Women and Girls by Melissa Harris-Perry via ELLE

Melissa Harris-Perry is a wordsmith if nothing else, and this piece echoes what many Black women have been asking lately; what about us? Why don’t our hashtags start movements? Why is violence against us swept under the rug? And why doesn’t anyone seem to care? MHP breaks it down and explains how misogynoir, a blend of sexism and racism uniquely aimed at Black women, impacts us on nearly every level and the long-lasting impacts it can have on us, one of which results in us being left behind.
12 minute read


Beyoncé’s LEMONADE is Sweet Tea by Luvvie via

Queen of Black Girl Blogs, Luvvie’s piece on LEMONADE has been one of my favorites thus far. Coupling the importance of Black Girl Magic the visual poetry displays with an acute appreciation for the overall stunningness and message attached, this article almost perfectly grasps what we all felt about Beyoncé’s surprise gift to the world.
10.5 minute read


LEMONADE is Beyoncé’s Testimony of Being Black, Beautiful & Burdened by Janet Mock via

Every time I think of Janet Mock, I get a little flutter in my chest. She’s one of my favorite people in the world, and this article is one of a million reasons why. With a brilliant connection to Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janet expertly clinches why LEMONADE is so important and how so many interpretations can be drawn from its depths.
7.5 minute read


Photo: Getty + Marten de Boer

Interview with Amandla Stenberg on by Estelle Tang via ELLE

Amandla Stenberg is my little sister in my head. I am so immensely proud of them, I have so much admiration for them. They are such an incredibly strong person, and I can’t imagine how hard it would be discovering so much about yourself in the public eye. This interview with Amandla is great not only because of how eloquent Amandla is, but how they are unapologetically themself. It’s inspiring, and more proof Amandla is quickly becoming the one to watch.
8.5 minute read

Photo: FOX Broadcasting Company, Ron Tom

Why Are So Many Great Black Shows Missing From Streaming Services? by Alyssa Rosenberg via The Washington Post

I catch myself desperately wanting to watch episodes of Sister Sister, Everybody Hates Chris, and The Proud Family at least once a week, but never did this question come to mind. There is a surprising lack of Black TV shows on streaming services, and Alyssa Rosenberg does some good investigative work trying to find out why.
6.5 minute read

Photo: iStock

Keeping Black Girls Off the Path to Prison by Allison Keyes via The Root

Allison Keyes offers a few key solutions to the problem brought up in an earlier article. We often focus on keeping Black boys out of the school to prison pipeline, but like MHP pointed out earlier, Black girls are often left to the wayside. This article focuses specifically on Black girls and presents information targeted for us.
5 minute read


Photo: Maggie Penman/NPR

#AirbnbWhileBlack: How Hidden Biases Shapes the Sharing Economy by Shankar Vedantam, Maggie Penman, and Max Nesterak via NPR

Shankar Vedantam, @HiddenBrain, had a great Twitter discussion surrounding #AirbnbwhileBlack today and you should totally check it out. I have no experience with Airbnb and if it wasn’t for exactly one friend I have that’s mentioned it to me exactly once, I wouldn’t even know what it was. But this article and subsequent Twitter conversation brings an important development of racism in the digital age to the table.
4 minute read

Photo: Pierre Jean-Louis

Let These Photos of Women’s Afros TurnedInto Nature Take Your Breath Away by Taryn Finley via Huffington Post

Artist Pierre Jean-Louis, pierre_artista on Instagram, is deservedly featured in this showcase of his visually stunning artwork. The concept has #BlackGirlMagic all over it, combining our beautiful curls with dazzling images of floral bouquets, forests, galaxies. This article is about the art more than the words, but it’s still enlightening to learn a bit about the message behind the magic.
1 minute read

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