I’m feeling a little bit frustrated today.

Ok, I’m feeling a lot frustrated. I’ve been in California almost four months now and I don’t have a job. I came out here with the express purpose of finding a career in Silicon Valley that I would really love, and, admittedly, I was way too idealistic about how it would be.

In my imagination, I would come out here, dazzle a handful of hiring managers with my previous experience of helping to re-elect President Obama and I’d have the pick of the lot when I got here. I thought people would be flocking to me to hire me, and I knew in my head that that wasn’t exactly realistic, but I also didn’t expect to feel this defeated.

And on top of everything, I was robbed last weekend and my laptop and a bunch of other stuff was stolen. So there’s that. This California experiment just isn’t what  I expected and it’s making it so easy to fall back into my depression. With my laptop gone (and my prior self not backing up my files in weeks), I have virtually nothing to work with. All of my writing, my research, pictures, videos, everything; gone.

There’s no theme or anything to this post, and it’s probably my shortest to date. I’m just sad and depressed and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to get out of here.

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