Videography isn’t my expertise, but I am handy with a camera and editing software! Here are just a handful of videos I’ve written, directed, produced, shot, and edited!

Fantastic Beasts and What Could Have Been

November 29, 2016

A reimagining of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them with Nathan Jarrett-Stewart as Newt Scamander against a backdrop of New York’s Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s. A companion piece to my Black Girl Nerds article on the same subject.


A Day in the Life of a Shelter Dog

April 10, 2014

This video is taken from a dog’s point of view as they prance around the shelter in order for the viewer to see what their life is like.


Cochlear Implant Viral Videos and the Deaf Community

March 1, 2014

Deaf UT students Lisa and Claire discuss the recent popularity of videos of people receiving cochlear implants and why these viral videos may hurt the Deaf community more than it helps.


Netflix and Deaf Rights

March 25, 2014

University of Texas professor Leah Geer discusses the 2014 dispute between Netflix and the National Association of the Deaf in which the two bumped heads on the issue of captioning on the popular streaming service.


A Brief Look into Bug-Eating Culture

March 9, 2014

Local organization Little Herds and founder Robert Allen host an event teaching Austinites that bugs may be the next big culinary sensation.


Changing UT’s Cultural Diversity Curriculum

September 24, 2013

University of Texas student Reva Davis discusses recent racist attacks on Black UT students and how the school is turning to curriculum changes in order to combat the root of the problem.

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