not to be dramatic, but you are one of my favorite people ever. i can always talk to you freely, speak my mind, and open up to you about things i am scared to say out loud. i never feel like you will judge me or hold it against me, even if you do roast me from time to time. i always love talking to you, regardless of topic, and hanging out with you, no matter what we do. there is no one else i’d rather talk about beyonce’s latest instagram post with, or play pool and word hunt and those million other games with, or talk about how ready we are for change with, other than you. you are such a kind and caring person with an impossibly big heart. you are driven and smart, inspiring and wise. i am so excited to watch you take on the world and i can’t wait to see what extraordinary things you do. you make the world a much brighter place and i love you so much!

merry christmas, jessica

love, cheyenne

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