I love you bitch.
I ain't ever gon stop lovin you...


dude, where do i even begin? meeting you was absolutely the best thing that has happened to me since i moved to california. you are one of the very best friends i have ever had and i am immensely thankful for you; i always will be. i’m thankful that you sat next to me on that bench in mccabe on day one and told me your train was late. i’m thankful we decided on the train ride home a couple weeks later that we were “like, real friends.” i’m thankful that through everything that’s happened in this past year, we’ve gotten so close and developed such a strong bond. i love laughing and joking with you, and talking about serious stuff with you. i love spending time with you and getting into trouble with you. i love being sarcastic and silly and ridiculous with you, even if it means wack people try to join in too.

you are full of worldly advice and wisdom, and you’ve always got my back. you stick by me, even when i’m not at my best, and help me through hard times. your knitting skills are impeccable. you are incredibly clever. your septum piercing is awesome. your eyebrows are always on point. you have the best stories. you always make me laugh. all of our tv show and movie and podcasts ideas are perfect and at least one of ’em will come to fruition.  i love you so much, molly. i haven’t fallen in love with you like so many other helpless souls, but i love you.

merry christmas, molly

love, cheyenne

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