you are one of the most intelligent and compassionate people i’ve ever met. your vast knowledge about practically everything is astonishing and it’s always so enlightening to listen to you speak. you’re full of life advice that always seems to come at the right moment and hit the nail on the head. you are wise beyond your years and such an immensely caring human being. i love being around you and knowing we can talk together for hours and hours and hours, about anything. and talking to you is so comforting, whether it’s about coping with anxiety or our endless theories of how the bodies in body worlds are going to come alive (and our various escape routes), there is never a dull or superficial moment with you; each one is fun and genuine. i love you and i am so lucky and thankful to be your friend. 🙂 

merry christmas, natalie

love, cheyenne aka your secret santa <3

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