From digital marketing and communications to videography and entertainment media writing, I have a unique skillset that includes digital content creation, writing, editing, video production, website development, social media, digital content strategy, and much more.

Below is a sampling of a variety of different projects I’ve managed over the course of my career that showcase my skills in creating original content.


I’ve been freelance writing for 8 years, pitching and writing for several online magazines on film, TV, music, and other entertainment media. I have a background in journalistic writing and research, and extensive experience in writing and editing online copy as well as developing and retaining online readership. Below are some examples of my writing featured on various online platforms.

Video Production

I have both professional and personal experience in video production. From managing video projects to scripting, filming, and editing, I have created and assisted on several video productions. Here is a reel of my favorite video projects that I’ve managed and produced. For more, check out my videos page.

Digital Content Development

As an experienced digital content creator, I’m skilled in taking projects from start to finish. From email marketing, social media, blog and web posts, editorial calendaring, and more, here are a few projects that showcase my skills in crafting online content.

Oakland Museum of California’s 50th Anniversary

Brand refresh

OMCA at Home

Virtual Museum Tours

– Dorothea Lange Digital Archive –

Web Development

I’ve been creating websites for nearly ten years. From working on Obama for America’s digital development team to website maintenance and SEO optimization, I’ve managed and created websites for a variety of diverse clients. I have experience in CMS software like Drupal and WordPress and am skilled in programming languages like Python and JavaScript, as well as HTML and CSS

P.S. Check out President Obama donating to one of the websites I built!